Performance And Functional Testing With The Black Box Testing Method

Putri Kusuma Ayuningtyas, Dwi Atmodjo WP, Pratiwi Rachmadi


Software testing is an essential stage in software development because it plays a role in maintaining the quality of the software produced. The objective of software testing is for verification and validation, namely ensuring that the software being developed works according to the expected functions when the software is designed. In addition to improving quality, the software being developed must also have minimal errors and test whether the software is feasible to use or not. This research employed the black box testing method. Black box technical testing was a test of the input or output functionality of the software. The research also described the testing model using automated testing, which was carried out by Apache JMeter tools on performance tests and Katalon Studio to functional tests on the Perbanas portal. The final results of this research depicted the test model from studying business processes, creating test scenarios for automated testing to analyzing the test results. The performance test results aimed to find out how much throughput (transactions per second) and Response Time are. Meanwhile, functional test results aimed to find out whether the expected functions and outputs were appropriate or not. The results of the performance test on the login feature that had been carried out, the best was taken, i.e., sample data that entered approximately 5000 samples for 250 users for a load test per 5 minutes; only 0.06% failed with an average of 15 transactions per second (TPS) by a maximum response time of 68 seconds and a minimum response time of 0.2 seconds.  

KEYWORDS: Apache JMeter, automation test, black box test, functional test, Katalon Studio, performance test


Apache JMeter, automation test, black box test, functional test, Katalon Studio, performance test

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