Ethics and Business Communications in The Development of Small and Medium Enterprises

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This article is a research result that uses Alfred Schutz's socio-phenomenological approach to an interesting fact of SME problem. In Indonesia, a citizen named Kusrin became the viral news because his electronic products did not meet Indonesian national standards, so he had to clash with the law. But this research will focus on other unique facts that he unearthed from his life experience. The issue of ethics and business communication becomes a dynamic issue in the course of a company, which in this context is done very well. The results of this study are people with low education and from the village actually have a strong business in developing the business. Kusrin's excellence in thinking as a businessman is not selfish and visionary of humanity. That's because he feels people from the village and stupid for just graduating elementary school. Grip his life as a Javanese he holds in his business. According to Kusrin, business is not only a matter of material, but an honest communication to the consumer



Bussiness Communication, Ethic, Small Medium Enterprises, Development

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