The Influence of the Competence of the Village Head on the Successful Development of the Kemantan Raya Village in Air Warm East District

Ari Ilham Prasetyo


Competence is one of the most important factors in the development of village success, because it depends on the competence of the leader. The purpose of this study is to generate information about the important tasks of the village. This research is a type of research with quantitative descriptive approach. The sample in this study contains the probability sampling technique. Data processing in the form of questionnaires. The data analysis technique is a simple regression test. The results of this study have a significant influence on the success of village development. The contribution from head to village reaches the achievement that is 0.213 or 21 , 3 % the rest that is 78.7% by other factors not examined in this research.


Keywords: competence, development


Competence, Development

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