Analysis of Selection of PHP Frameworks that Meet OWASP Criteria Using the AHP Method

John Swatrahadi Permana, Hendrana Tjahjadi, Rinaldi Munir, Gunawan Wibisono, Hetly Brinner Yussak Kawet


The rapid advancement of information technology has opportunities and threats that compete with each other to be the winner. The government takes advantage of advances in information technology to improve people's welfare and build partnerships with the private sector through the implementation of e-government, as mandated in Presidential Instruction no. 3 of 2003 concerning National Policy and Strategy for E-Government Development. Through this Presidential Instruction, government organizations must be more open to forming partnerships with the business world (public-private partnership). In this strategy the government implements several G2G, G2B, C2C strategies. The government is developing a strategy by opening public services online, a network of supporting organizations (back-office), electronic documents, basic applications such as e-literacy, e- billing, e-procurement, e-reporting and also giving the role of the private sector. in the business world where most of these applications currently use web-based applications, although some have switched to a mobile basis. Where there are opportunities there, you also don't want to be left behind, the threat of crime is also getting heavier with various motives and sharing techniques to threaten to take advantage of these opportunities to gain profit. Cyber loggers are not standing still in taking advantage of what the Government is currently operating in the form of a web application that operates in cyber space. Cybercriminals also want to take advantage of this opportunity for personal gain or damage the government's reputation. Criminals try to get data of economic value to sell to other parties on the dark web. Criminals also seek to undermine the government's authority by damaging its reputation through hacking activities on portals operated by government organizations. The government cannot remain silent, belittling the activities of these cybercriminals. One of the strategies that the government can implement in maintaining security in cyberspace is to build secure web applications known as secure programming or secure coding. Implementation of secure programming in web application development can be analyzed using the Analytical Hierarchy Process.


web based application, Secure programming, secure coding, AHP

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