The Influence Of Service Quality, Facilities, And Prices On Tourist Satisfaction A Case Study At The Tourism Object Of Bukit Aslan, Bandar Lampung City

Deni Sahroni, Selfia Alkemega


Tourism in Bandar Lampung faces tough competition with other destinations in the region. This research aims to identify the impact of service quality, facilities and prices on visitor satisfaction at Bukit Aslan Tourism. Survey and questionnaire methods were used in this research, with samples taken using the Cochran formula. The results of multiple linear regression analysis show that service quality, facilities and price positively and significantly influence visitor satisfaction. With high quality service, good facilities and affordable prices, Aslan Hill can maintain and increase its attractiveness. These findings provide an important contribution for tourism managers to improve the quality of services, facilities and prices in order to strengthen the position of this destination in the local tourism market.


Bukit Aslan Tourism, Service Quality, Facilities, Price and Tourist Satisfaction.

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