The Effect Of Food Prices Rising On Security Stability: Case Study Of Indonesia

Syaiful Rachman, Josua Hutagalung, Lukman Yudho Prakoso, Haetami Haetami


Rice, as a fundamental component of food production in Indonesia, holds a critical position in fulfilling the basic needs of the population. While the authorities in the food sector assert that the national rice supply is currently adequate, concerns arise due to the escalating trend in rice prices. Anticipating an anticipated further increase in the future, effective measures must be implemented to prevent potential disturbances within the community. This research employs qualitative methods with a descriptive approach to analyze the impact of rising rice prices on security stability, subsequently influencing national stability. Despite assertions of sufficient rice availability, the prevailing issue is the upward trajectory of rice prices. The study aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the repercussions resulting from this increase, particularly concerning security stability. Elevated rice prices have the potential to trigger social unrest, impacting the overall stability of the nation. The research sheds light on the intricate relationship between rising food prices and national security, emphasizing the need for proactive government interventions to ensure a harmonious balance between supply and demand. Furthermore, the paper extends beyond analysis to propose recommendations from various perspectives, addressing policies related to meeting the food requirements of the community. These recommendations emphasize the importance of a holistic approach, considering socio-economic factors and community welfare. In conclusion, this research contributes valuable insights to the discourse on the intricate interplay between food prices, security stability, and national well-being, underscoring the necessity for preemptive and comprehensive governmental actions to mitigate potential challenges.


stability, food price, security stability

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