Optimization and Synergy of Backup and Restore Data Between BMKG Database Center and Regional Offices As Initial Mitigation Againts Ransomware Attacks

Heri Azhari Noor, Aulia Khamas H., Tutun Juhana, Danang Rimbawa


In 2017 there were 99 countries, including Indonesia affected by the Wannacry ransomware cyber attack. This attack became one of the largest phenomenal cyberattacks ever to occur in the world. In just a short time, the malicious computer program inside this malware is then able to infect thousands of computer systems in hundreds of countries. Harapan Kita and Dharmais hospitals in Jakarta were successfully attacked by their information technology systems. Hundreds of PCs and servers were affected, making it difficult for patients to access services at both hospitals. BMKG as one of the entities of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has invaluable assets in the form of data from observations and analysis in the fields of meteorology, climatology, air quality, and earthquakes. All of this data is obtained from observation points spread throughout Indonesia and has been going on for a very long period. From observation points then the data is centralized in the Database Center of the BMKG head office. Optimization and synergy in backing up data and restoring data between the head office and regions will be the intial mitigation to anticipate in the event of ransomware attacks in the future.


Ransomware attack, backup and restore data

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v42.2.5904


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