The Effect of the Performance of the TNI-AU SAR Team Personnel During the Kab. Cianjur

Moh Agus Priono, A Kurniadi, S Pranoto, P Widodo, H J R Saragih, Kusuma Kusuma


Earthquakes are natural phenomena that have the potential to cause physical damage and loss of life. In an emergency like this, the performance of the Indonesian Air Force's search and rescue team has a direct influence on the effectiveness and efficiency of rescue efforts, as happened during the emergency response to the earthquake in Cianjur Regency. The fast and precise response of the Indonesian Air Force SAR team in emergency situations such as earthquakes can have a direct impact on the safety of victims. This study aims to evaluate the ability of personnel to deal with earthquake emergency response situations in Cianjur, West Java. The research method used is a qualitative approach involving in-depth document analysis. In general, the TNI-AU succeeded in achieving effectiveness and efficiency in rescue efforts during the earthquake emergency response period in Cianjur Regency, including in terms of prompt and appropriate handling of victims, coordination with relevant agencies, monitoring of the latest information, and availability of tools and defense equipment. The results of the SAR training implemented by the TNI-AU have proven to be positive, as seen from the direct actions taken in a short time after the earthquake occurred.


Cianjur Earthquake, Indonesian Air Force SAR Team, Performance Evaluation

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