A Comparative Analysis Of Air Power Application For Operational Effectiveness In The Russia-Ukraine And Second Gulf Wars

Henry Iheanacho Eze, Hikmat Zakky Almubaroq, Reinpal Falefi


The study presents a synthesis of research that analyses air power and operational effectiveness in the second Gulf War and the Russia-Ukrain wars. The paper identified factors that were used to compare the utilisation of air power in both wars, especially by the coalition of air forces in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and counter-offensive strategies utilised by the Ukrainian Air Force (UkrAF) to destroy the modern air assets of the Russian Air Force (RuAF). The methodology used is qualitative, utilizing a literature review approach. Researchers investigated and discussed formulating journal articles and online books. This study will employ comparative analysis as its technique for analyzing data. The collected data will be analyzed by comparing the operational effectiveness of air power during the Russia-Ukraine War and the Second Gulf War. The results find include psychological operation, aerial combat engagement, financial cost implications, the employment of ISR, and combat employment of hypersonic weapons. The authors introduce a new terminology in air power/public diplomacy known as 'aggressor burden', which denotes a need in the use of air power to seek alliances or acceptance from the international community for mission effectiveness. The paper also posits that joint coordination could enhance operational effectiveness. Air power planners/operators are encouraged to consider these in their application of air power. This study concluded that air power application provides a better opportunity for effective operations using management functions.


Air Power; Operational, Effectiveness; Russia-Ukraine War; Second Gulf War

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v37.2.5175


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