Validity and Reliability of the Chinese Bedtime Procrastination Scale Among College Students

Yu-Wen Fang, XinJian Cai, YuLin Gao


 Objective: The research on bedtime procrastination is getting more and more attention, but the assessment tools are rare. The purpose of this study was to translate the English version of the Bedtime Procrastination Scale(BPS)into Chinese and test its reliability and validity among college students. Methods: The Chinese version of BPS was developed by translation, back-translation, and cultural adjustment from December 2019 to January 2020, a total of 220 students were selected from a college in Guangzhou by convenient sampling method, and 200 questionnaires were collected availably. The rate of effective response was 90.1%, and 14 out of the 200 were retested two weeks later. Using critical ratio method and correlation analysis to evaluate the scale. Using internal consistency Cronbach’s α coefficient and retest reliability to measure the reliability of the scale.Using content validity and confirmatory factor analysis to test the validity of the scale. Results: The internal consistency and retest reliability of the scale were analyzed in this study, the results showed that Cronbach’s α was 0.887, and met the standard of >0.8. It was shown that the scale had a good consistency. The students were retested 2 weeks later, and the retest reliability was 0.825. It was suggested that the model fitting was good, indicating that the Chinese version of BPS had good construct validity. Conclusions: The Chinese version of BPS has good reliability and validity, it can be used to evaluate the status of bedtime procrastination in college students.


bedtime procrastination scale; reliability;validity

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