Advancement in E Recruitment Towards Expert Recruitment System (ERS)

Obayi Adaora Angela, Gregory Anichebe, Uzo Izuchukwu Uchenna, Ezema Modesta, Nnaemeka Ogbene, Ihedioha Uchechi Michael, Agbo Jonathan Chukwunweike


The inspiration drawn from e-recruitment is in making the process to become more creative, formidable and as well to be cost effective. We are desirous of achieving a lot more attraction than it is currently in order to sustain the process. Before now, we have some existing systems which were traditional methods like employment agencies, doing adverts through the print media. This process was relatively very slow and stressful. In this work, we have developed a remolded ERS based on our former work to hire applicants by accepting applications online and conduction Test and interview through the expert systems knowledge base until the candidate is eventually hired. The expert system is of a recruitment process model where applicants don’t actually have direct interaction with the employers but with the expert system that makes decision. The system provides response to applicant request and also provides procedure for recruitment from start to finishing stage, when the job seeker is now called successful employee. We implored Water fall model in our design. In this model, each stage essentially completes before the next phase can activate so that there will be no overlapping in the phases.


ERS, Recruitment, Human Resources, Knowledge base, Fuzzy System

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