Comparative Analysis of Indonesian and Vietnamese Coffees Competitiveness in the World Market

Doni Sahat Tua Manalu, Harianto ., Suharno ., Sri Hartoyo


Countries in the world in an open economy are very dependent on exports to be able to improve their economy. Coffee is one of the plantation commodities which has an important role in economic activities in Indonesia. How the competitiveness of Indonesian and Vietnamese coffees as a country that contributes to coffee suppliers to the world market needs to be known in order to obtain a picture. The purpose of this research is to study the level of competitiveness of Indonesian and Vietnam coffees in the world market. The method used to calculate competitiveness was Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and Dynamics Export Product EDPDuring the period of 2007-2017 Indonesian and Vietnamese coffees were competed on the world market. Indonesian coffee products are in demand in the world market, as indicated by the competitive position of Indonesian coffee products on the world market). The results show that Indonesian coffee is competitive with RCA values of 26,31. The EDP results shows that Indonesian coffee products are competitive with rising stars. while the competitiveness of Vietnamese coffee with RCA values of 32,54 is in the position of Lost Opportunity. One form of effort that can be taken by Indonesia to maintain and improve the competitiveness and performance of the coffee.


Brazil, Coffee, Competitiveness, Indonesia, RCA, EPD

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