Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Transformation for Vietnamese Enterprises

Vũ Thị Tình, Nguyễn Thị Bội Ngọc


Digital transformation involves the application of technology to change business models, representing a necessary need and a survival and development solution for enterprises. Both the government and businesses have recognized this tremendous importance. Through digital transformation, enterprises have opportunities for development, gaining competitive advantages, expanding markets, and establishing partnerships, which help them become more resilient. However, alongside these significant advantages, businesses also face numerous challenges in terms of finances, strategies, awareness, habits, human resources, and other resources. Therefore, both the government and enterprises need appropriate solutions to facilitate digital transformation, such as training human resources, proactively changing, learning, and collaborating to minimize costs. Additionally, the government should encourage and support businesses to accelerate their digital transformation.


Opportunities; Challenges; Digital Transformation; Vietnamese Enterprises.

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