The Impact Of Globalization On Local Culture

Nisa Taptiani, Anjar Mahadi, Ibn Fajar Romadhon, Arvi Muhammad Pratama, Rafli Muhammad, Eko Purwanto, Dian Nurvita Sari, Fitri Susiswani Isbandi


Globalization affects local cultural traditions in various ways in different societies. The case of Jalawastu in West Java, Indonesia, exemplifies the harmonious interaction between Islam and indigenous customs, demonstrating the delicate balance between the two. Globalization can have a positive influence on local cultural customs by encouraging the conservation and modification of traditional principles amidst world influences. Behind the positive influence of globalization, globalization has adversely affected local cultural traditions through its challenges to the preservation of traditional values and customs. Globalization has indeed brought about a significant transformation in local cultural traditions. The involvement of the younger generation is very important in maintaining local cultural traditions amid the phenomenon of globalization. The historical development of globalization can be traced back to ancient times, where traders engaged in transnational trade, advancing through various stages from the colonial period to the digital age. Initially, globalization was primarily driven by long-distance trade, but gained momentum during the industrial revolution with advances in transportation and communication. Globalization has accelerated the spread of global culture through mass media, communication technologies, and human mobility. This has led to cultures from different parts of the world becoming more accessible and adopted by local people. Globalization brings a number of positive impacts to local cultures, including wider access to global information and knowledge, opportunities for enriching cultural exchange, and new economic opportunities through cultural tourism.  Despite the positive impacts, globalization also has a significant negative impact on local culture. The loss of local languages and traditions, the commercialization of culture, and the domination of foreign cultures are some of them. Despite challenges from globalization, many local communities show strong resilience and adaptation. They seek to preserve and revive their traditions and values through cultural education, cultural festivals, and legal protection of cultural heritage.

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