Using The Simplex Method For Optimizing Some Economic Functions Of The Enterprise "MSA Kompani" Dooel-Skopje

Bukurie Imeri-Jusufi, Bujamin Bela, Teuta Jusufi Zenku, Azir Jusufi


In science, in economics, in practice, problems are often encountered in which it is required to find the largest (smallest) value of a numerical function with real values of the type . More precisely, the elements of the set  are required, where the function  reaches the optimal value. For this reason, such problems are called optimization problems. Optimization problems are also solved by so-called linear programming methods.

Linear programming is a mathematical programming that deals with the problem of system optimization within given constraints, it is a method for solving production planning problems.

The manufacturer wants to determine how to use the limited quantities of raw materials with maximum profit, the manager how to distribute the assigned work among his employees so that it is done in the shortest possible time, that is, to be as effective as possible. The goal of these problems is optimization, profit maximization or cost minimization [1].

Making profit is the main goal of the company, but many companies still need to learn the maximum profit that can be achieved by optimizing their resources, one of which is the company “MSA KOMPANI”. This research focuses on the products of "MSA KOMPANI" DOOEL-SKOPJE

different according to the price. The purpose of this paper is to optimize the company's profits and costs. In this paper we will use the simplex linear programming method to solve our problem in "MSA KOMPANI".

 Modeling a real-life problem as a linear programming problem requires teamwork of experts from several fields.



optimation, profit, income, enterprise, simplex method, linear programming

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