Commodification of Religion on Kiblat Film Posters in Roland Barthes' Semiotic Analysis

Marini Marini


The Kiblat or Qibla film is a production from Leo Pictures in collaboration with Legacy Pictures and 786 Production. Directed by Bobby Prasetyib and starring Yasmin Napper, Arbani Yasiz, Ria Ricis and many others. This qibla film has attracted a lot of controversy since the release of the film poster on March 21 2024 which was deemed to contain content that was not in accordance with Islamic law, resulting in the MUI prohibiting the screening of the film because it was not in accordance with Islamic law and had the potential to mislead the people. This research aims to analyze the commodification of religion wrapped in Qibla film posters.This research is a type of Roland Barthes semiotic analysis research with a qualitative approach. The results of this research found that the Qibla film poster contains signs and meanings that identify the practice of commodifying religious values in the film poster.


Commodification of Religion, Film, Semiotic Analysis of Roland Barthes.

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