The Existence of Local Tourism Through Instagram Content (Marketing Communication Studies in Account @pikniklampung)

Hagi Julio Salas, Marini Marini, Della Monica


Lampung Province is a province that has many tourism destinations. Based on information published on the Lampung Provincial Government website, there are around 350 tourist attractions that can be visited in Lampung Province. Instagram influencers who share content about the beauty of Lampung tourism are now increasing. One of the Instagram accounts with Lampung tourism content that has the most followers is the @pikniklampung account with 1,13,000 followers. The aim of this research is to analyze the marketing communication process of the @pikniklampung account in increasing the existence of tourism in Lampung Province. A qualitative descriptive research approach was used to examine the results of this research. The research results show that the marketing communications carried out by @pikniklampung rely on the power of captions and attractive audio-visual displays. The mix that is relevant to this program is direct marketing and public relations that can be carried out well.


Marketing Communication, Tourism,Media Equation Theory, Lampung Province.

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