Impacts Of Yarn Characteristics On The Dimensional Stability Of A Fabric

Dr. Elie Rijatiana RAVONISON, Barimino RAOELISON


This article illustrates the impact of the constituent filament characteristics of a fabric on the fabric’s dimensional stability. Among these characteristics there is the tensile strength of the yarns, the elongation, the kilometric resistance, the actual metric number of the yarn and the hairiness index. To do this, evaluations of the dimensional stability of the fabrics as a function of these various parameters were experimented and then modeled in the form of an equation in order to have a better appreciation of the variation in shrinkage or elongation of the fabric in relation to the parameters mentioned previously. The experimental study was carried out with four (04) different fabric samples in order to better understanding the behavior of fabrics depending on these constituent yarns. Each model is presented with the respective relative and absolute errors.


dimensional stability, yarns, modeling, fabric, shrinkage

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