The Interpretation of Patriotism by Indonesian Gen-Z through Social Justice Warrior Act in Social Media

M. Ganesh Musyaffa Ariestama, Priyanto Suharto, Suhirwan Suhirwan, Fauzia Gustarina Cempaka Timur


Social media platforms have become digital spaces where individuals from diverse backgrounds can express their patriotism and advocate for their country. This study aims to determine the extent to which Generation Z in Indonesia expresses patriotism through social justice warrior behavior on social media. The research will employ mass communication theory to determine the characteristics of social media and use the theory of patriotism and nationalism to define the meaning of patriotism. The study will examine how social justice activists shape the patriotism of Indonesian Generation Z on social media. The research approach is qualitative, focusing on the characteristics of cyberspace and analyzing the data from Indonesian social justice warriors' posts. The study will use virtual ethnography to provide a deep understanding of the significance and implications of social media usage and establish the continuity of relationship dynamics in the online world. The results of this study state that the sense of nationalism of the Gen-Z in Indonesia increases and is high when the love for their country is disturbed by other people. And in their actions, the Social Justice Warriors are also free and bring themselves into the realm of social media where they respond to this in their own way. 


Patriotism, Social Media, Social Justice Warrior, Gen-Z, Communication

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