Impact Of The China-Us Trade War On The Global Value Chain Of Asia's Economies

Mujiyanto Mujiyanto, Ivan Yulivan, Sri Murtiana, Josua Hutagalung


The US-China trade war will significantly affect the world trading system. This paper evaluates the effect of the US and Chinese governments' successive rounds of tariff increases on the global value chain, including the concentration on the major economies of the Asian Region. This study simulates a trade war between the US and China that arose from the sanctions implemented by the US government and the tit-for-tat strategy adopted by China. How and to what extent changes in circumstances surrounding US-China trade affect the economies of various countries in the Asian Region. This study uses a qualitative method which is a method to explore phenomena intensively with a library research approach. The type of data used in this study is secondary data obtained from several literatures such as books, journals and other relevant literature. In this study it can be concluded that China is increasing its participation mainly as a seller to international networks, while US integration. in the Global Value Chain is decreasing. Countries in the Asian region are increasing relations with the US and increasing regional integration in the Asian region.


Global Value Chains, Trade war, Trade Policy, Economics

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