The Effect of Consumer Satisfaction on Reuse Intention of Digital Wallet Services (E-Wallet) in Indonesia

Ibnu Firsty Ramadhan, Zulkarnain Zulkarnain, Fahmi Ananda


In today's digital era, digital wallets are increasingly popular in Indonesia. However, only some studies still examine the factors influencing users' intention to reuse digital wallet services in Indonesia. This study aimed to examine the effect of consumer satisfaction on the intention to reuse digital wallet services (e-wallet). A total of 354 digital wallet users in Indonesia were selected as research subjects using a purposive sampling method to collect data on consumer satisfaction and intention to reuse digital wallet services. Linear regression was used as the data analysis method. The results showed that consumer satisfaction positively and significantly affect the intention to reuse digital wallet services. This research contributed to understanding the factors that influence users' intention to reuse digital wallet services and provides insight for digital wallet service providers to focus on consumer satisfaction to increase users' intention to reuse their services.


consumer satisfaction, reuse intention, digital wallet

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