Project Portfolio Management (PPM) In Claims Priority Of Specialist Contractors In Indonesia

Muhammad Alfi Yusra, Rahayu Setyawati Arifin


Claims management is the process of using and coordinating resources to advance claims from identification and analysis through preparation, and presentation, before proceeding to negotiation and settlement. There are still quite a number of claims cases in Indonesia where there are several obstacles in the claim submission process. Due to the significant number of claims in multiple projects, a strategy is needed to prioritize claims that will be submitted according to the specified criteria. This study aims to determine applied Project Portfolio Management (PPM) factors to prioritize claims in multiple project claims management. This study uses a literature study and survey method conducted by distributing questionnaires to respondents in specialist contractors in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that factors & criteria of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) can be applied to to prioritize claims in multiple project claims management. Further research on the strategy to prioritize claims in multiple project is proposed.


Project Portfolio Management, Claims Management, Constrctuction Claims, Claims Priority

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