Physicochemical Characteristics Of The Effluents Of The University Private Clinics Of Kinshasa Treated In Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB)

Louis O LUBIENO, Emmanuel Mr. BIEY, Mr. Thierry TANGOU T, Mr. Joël KONDE NKIAMA N, Mr. MUTAMBEL' HITY S. N


The uses of water at the hospital are very varied: ¶use food, medical, technical and therapeutic;¶and thus various types of effluents generate. ¶To have a first approach on the current situation of the rejection of the effluents of the CUK, it is necessary to identify the origin of the rejections and to then know the risks which they can generate. ¶The chemical substances used in the hospitals for the activities of care and medical research are generally found in the liquid effluents. ¶This research has like objective to characterize the physicochemical pollution of the effluents of the university private clinics of Kinshasa, to appreciate the intensity of this pollution in order to estimate its impacts on those, in order to carry out a pilot treatment by engine UASB. ¶System UASB pilot set up gave satisfactory results. ¶All the physicochemical parameters of the effluents underwent an improvement in occurrence the DCO which passed from 6250 mg/l to 20 mg/l and the DBO5 of 200 mg/l with 0 mg/l on figure 8. ¶That goes in the same way with the pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, them MY, the Nitrate, as well as conductivity. This system in addition to the lowering of organic and mineral pollution, allows the production of the biogas, which in great scale can be used for the power supply of the generating establishment of the effluents.¶¶


Effluent, Characteristics Physicochemical, Upflow Anaerobic Sladge Blanket (UASB)

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