Media Used by Public Relations Officers in Building Good Communication with Its Internal Public to Improve the Employees’ Performance

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Telkom is the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia which takes place a market leader position in Indonesia. Getting a predicate as a market leader is not a simple thing. Telkom always has to improve the employees’ performance. To make the improvement, all the units of Telkom have their own efforts. In the study the writer focuses on Unit Enterprise Regional IV Jateng-DIY (UNER IV). The main factor that can improve employees’ performance in UNER IV is a good work atmosphere. It can be gained by good communication in the company. Public Relations Officers (PROs) have a role to build and maintain it with the internal public that are all members of the company consisting of management and employees. This challenges the writer to study “Media used by PROs in building good communication with the internal public to improve the employees’ performance” in UNER IV of PT. Telkom Tbk. The aims of this study is to gives information to the public about PROs activities in UNER IV, the roles of PROs and the media used by PROs at UNER IV in building good internal communication to improve the employees’ performance.The data collection techniques are observation, interview, and library study. The analysis shows that PROs in UNER IV of PT. Telkom Tbk. build good internal communication to improve the employees’ performance through disseminating information downwards from management to employees and conveying aspiration upward from employees to management. They use media namely internal website, banner, formal communication and non formal communication to support the roles in disseminating information and conveying aspiration.


Public Relations Officers, Good Internal Communication, Employee’s Performance

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