Arachnida in the cave: Rapid Assessment Inventory from Tourism Caves and Karst Area in West Sumatra

Fithria Diniyati, Sepriyoga Virdana, Genta Permana


Caves is as dark environment can act as a trap for the the cave fauna in the outside. So that the cave can trigger a process of evolution from the outside of the cave fauna to be able to adapt and survive in the caves. Thus, this reserach aimed to study the diversity of spiders that live in the caves and karst area in West Sumatra and to explore the wealth of diversity biodiversity that has not been revealed by science.Survey method was used in this reserach and spiders was collection by direct sampling in hand collection in the caves. Spiders was identified by using Identification Guide (Gerald, 2011).  Four families and five species were found in this research.

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