3D-Bioengineering of Reproductive Organoids Review

Maged Naser, Mohamed M. Naser, Lamia H. Shehata


Engineered male and female biomimetic reproductive tissues are being created as self-supporting in vitro units or as incorporated multi-organ in vitro constructions to help germ cell and embryo function, and to show characteristic endocrine phenotypic patterns, for example, the 28-days human ovulatory cycle. In this Review, we sum up how engineered reproductive tissues work with research in reproductive science, and outline strategies for making engineered reproductive tissues that may sometimes permit the rebuilding of reproductive potential in patients.

Individuals can confront reproductive or endocrine failure due to hereditary inclination, age, iatrogenic impacts of treatment or infection. More than a hundred years of progress that started with headways in reproductive tissue and reproductive organ transplantation, trailed by innovative improvements at the connection point of reproductive science, materials science, bioengineering and advanced manufacturing, has brought about engineered reproductive tissues that can restore and support normal organ function [1-20] (Table 1).


Current engineered reproductive tissues and culture structures are empowering an expanding number of physiological in vitro modelling of homeostasis, development, disease, pregnancy and aging. Engineered reproductive tissues are utilized for the proficient screening of new pharmacologic agents (for both therapeutic efficacy and toxicity), or are transplanted to restore damaged or diseased reproductive tissue.

In this Review, we spotlight current advancement in the development of engineering systems utilized in reproductive science and medicine, with a point of convergence on biomaterials and microfluidic approaches that permits the generation of functional builds at the tissue and organ levels for use in research and in clinical applications.

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