COVID-19 Pregnancy and Psycho-neurological Disturbance: Single Hospital Case Report

L. Ratiani, N. Kintraia, P. Machavariani, K. GrigalaShvili, G. Tevdorashvili, T. Didbaridze, N. Metskhvarishvili, M. Rizhvadze, N. Khotivari, N. Pkhaladze, B. Japaridze, L. Barbakadze, E. Shvelashvili, M. Merkviladze, K. Chichua


31 years old pregnant woman at 38 1/7 week of gestation with fever has been admitted to the TSMU   First University Clinic Emergency, with positive COVID-19 PCR test. With characteristic complains of COVID-19 infection.  Family history not significant. Personal history reveals childhood seizure as a result of fever. Vital signs at the admission within normal ranges. All protocol based laboratory tests has been done and protocol based treatment initiated. On the seventh day of Covid-19 infection because of episodes of desaturation and termed gestation, pregnancy termination by induction has been done successfully. At the end of early puerperal period because of hypoxemia resistant to oxygen therapy and CT scan diagnosed severe viral induced pneumonia, with symptoms of encephalopathy has been documented.  Later patient transferred to the mechanical ventilation, protocol based lab tests, diagnostic procedures and treatment initiated. After 1 month with improved condition patient has been transferred to the ob/gyn department for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation at this time severely expressed symptoms of encephalopathy were documented.

The underlying mechanisms of neurologic complications in patients with COVID-19 are diverse and, in some cases, multifactorial. Neurologic complications may arise from direct effects of the virus as well as systemic response to the infection or as a result of long lasting inadequate oxygenation of all tissues. Although mechanical ventilation is highly complicated by brain damage, covid-19 induced encephalopathies are as well documented and need more scientifically proved facts of the viral role in this complication.


Severe Covid-19, Adult Respiratory Distress, Pregnancy, Psychiatric Disorder, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale

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