High Yield Divination Scheme for Date Palm Based On K-Means and R-Algorithm

Padmanayaki Selvarajan, Saahira banu Ahamed, Rahama Salman, Jayasuriya Panchalingam


Contribution of Agriculture work is most important in fulfills the need of food for human being and animals. The cultivation and harvesting the different crops and expecting more yield in every crop is also significant. Data mining system are playing vital function in forecasting the yield in Agriculture field. K-means algorithm is the simplest partitioning method for clustering analysis and widely used in data mining applications. In this paper, the data mining clustering algorithm and R-Algorithm are utilized to predict Date Palm yields. The experimental results establish the efficiency of proposed high yield prediction in date palm through obtained outcomes.


Agriculture, Clustering, Data Mining, Date palm, High Yield

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v30.1.3896


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