Effects Of Covid-19 On Pupils’ Academic Achievement In Isoka District Of Muchinga Province, Zambia

Enock Mutepuka, Stephen Mubanga


Introduction: Covid-19 disease has negatively affected many sectors of the world, including the education sector. School closures due to the outbreak of this disease has negatively affected pupils’ academic achievement, especially in rural areas. Online and other distance learning platforms at secondary school level are currently not as effective as the physical contact of teachers and pupils in rural areas of Zambia. Pupils in rural areas, like Isoka district lost out academically due to these closures, hence the importance of this study on effects of covid-19 on pupils’ academic achievement. This study could help future pupils in examination classes to prepare for such unforeseen circumstances in their school life. Aim: To investigate the effects of Covid-19 on academic achievement of pupils in Isoka district of Muchinga province in Zambia. Methodology: Data collection was done using open-ended questionnaires. Data were then reviewed, organised and categorised to find common patterns across the data set. Themes were then formulated and presented in a consistent manner. Results: Results show that participants’ academic achievement was negatively affected by school closures due to Covid-19 pandemic. Online learning platforms such as television, radio, WhatsApp, zoom, and many others did not adequately help rural pupils like those in Isoka district due to difficulties in accessing them. Recommendations: Teachers, parents, and pupils must cooperate and enhance academic achievement of pupils to enable them handle examinations regardless of any unforeseen disturbances such as Covid-19 pandemic.


Covid-19 disease, School closures, Academic achievement, Examination classes, Pupils

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