Efficiency Analysis of Thermoelectric Generators as Source of Electricity for Domestic Use

Comfort Ezichi Chiadikaobi


Silicon semiconductor was explained. Thermoelectric generators were discussed, giving details of how they work through Peltier effect. Also, thermoelectric plates have been vividly explained with respect to how temperature difference created on its sides can result to electricity being generated. Key equations relating to thermoelectric generators in terms of power, temperature and energy were expressed and numbered appropriately. Related work was considered; it is a simple experiment where thermoelectric plates are used to covert simple candle temperature to electricity. It has also been concluded that the output voltage from such generator is proportional to temperature differential across the plates.


Silicon semiconductors, Thermoelectric plate, Peltier effect, Seebeck effect, Thermoelectric generators, Temperature gradient.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v30.1.3840


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