Changing Shift of Gender Discrimination Faced by Female Medical Students in Georgia

Harshad Khan SIRAJ, Naga Harika Korrapati, Gauri Parvathy, Yasmine Tarek Elsherif, Justly Ann Thomas, Vanya Jalal Rashid, Omar Tarek Elsherif


The recent years have seen a global movement against gender discrimination of various forms. According to research, female medical students are at higher risk of experiencing sexual harassment from fellow students, or staff. The purpose of this study is to understand the prevalence of gender discrimination among female medical students of Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU). A qualitative study using a survey questionnaire was prepared and distributed to 60 respondents. 66.7% (n=40) students agreed that gender discrimination is a major problem. 71.7% (n=43) never affected their studies. 56.4% (n=34) pointed out that women are the main target of gender discrimination. 90% (n=54) never personally experienced any forms of sexual harassment. Therefore, the study concluded that the students of TSMU are not faced with harassment and are satisfied throughout their course of study.


Medical School, Medical Students, Gender Discrimination , Female , Gender Inequality

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Medical students’ self-reported gender discrimination and sexual harassment over time Marta A. Kisiel1*, Sofia Kühner2, Karin Stolare3, Erik Lampa4, Martin Wohlin2, Nina Johnston4,5 and Anna Rask-Andersen1.



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