Mass Carry During Convective Drying Of Astrakhan Skins

Z. Abduganiev, A.T. Musurmonov, Sh.Z., Abduganieva


The article describes the process of convective drying of astrakhan skins, increasing the evaporation surface using a sorbent-hygroscopic material, the theory of its achievement, analytical dependences characterizing the evaporation of moisture from the surface of astrakhan fur and the amount of moisture evaporating from it, the rate of mass transfer from the surface of astrakhan fur with taking into account the intensity of movement of moisture sorbent - hygroscopic material from astrakhan skins.


drying; astrakhan; skin; dehydration; acceleration; convective drying; capillary-porous; intensity; gradient; temperature; mass carry; diffusion; moisture; sorbent; hygroscopic material; sorption; desorption.

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