Nasobronchial Allergies And Asthma Among International Students In Tbilisi

Areeba Hasan, Felcia Reji


Allergies and asthma are a growing cause of concern in the present day and this could be attributed to the rise in urbanization and industrialization. The study was conducted as an experiment to observe the prevalence of nasobronchial allergies and asthma in Tbilisi, considering the fact that this subject is not well explored in the region. The research involved conducting a cross-sectional survey among 162 international university students of Tbilisi. It aimed to gather information concerning the common allergens, symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures for the said diseases. It was also of interest to determine the impact of Covid-19 and its effects on pre-existing allergies and asthma.

26.5% (n=43) of participants suffered from allergic rhinitis or bronchial asthma. 87.9% (n=29) participants with allergic rhinitis were females and 12.1% (n=4) were males while among participants with bronchial asthma 50% (n=5) were male and 50% (n=5) were female (p=0.009). The study demonstrated increased trends of the diseases among the younger participants as well as among the female participants. Awareness and a better understanding of allergy testing and other treatment options need to be introduced to the population to combat the underdiagnosis of these diseases and improve the overall quality of life.


Nasobronchial allergy; allergic rhinitis; allergens; bronchial asthma; Covid-19; survey

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