Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of HIV Counselling and testing (HCT) among Undergraduate Students of University of Abuja, Nigeria

Adewale Samuel ADELEYE, Ramsey Msheliza Yalma


Introduction: HIV infection remains an important public health problem globally and especially in Africa. Despite numerous campaigns for HIV counselling and testing (HCT) in Nigeria, only few young people utilize these services. The objective of this study is to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of undergraduate students towards HIV counselling and testing at the University of Abuja.

Methods: We conducted a cross sectional study using a multi-stage sampling method to enrol undergraduate students from selected faculties into the study. A total of 363 university students completed a self-administered questionnaire. Main outcome measures include knowledge, attitude and practice of HCT. A Chi-square test was used to determine the association between variables at 5% significance level.

Result: Study findings revealed that 80.4% of the students had good knowledge of HIV counselling and testing, however only 43.5% respondents had good practice of HCT. Also 71.6% of respondents had a positive attitude towards HIV counselling and testing. Our study also revealed a statistically significant association between knowledge of HCT and the practice of HCT (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: The study showed good knowledge and attitude to HIV counselling and testing services, however the utilisation of these services among the respondents was poor. Therefore campus-based HCT services are recommended including a sensitization programme. Such services should improve the uptake of HCT services in this setting.


Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, HIV, Counselling, Testing, Students

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