The Effect of Repeated Mung Bean on the Growth of the Crop in Relation to the Norms of Mineral Fertilizer after the Fall on Typical Burrow Soils Exposed to Irrigation Erosion

D. U. Gofurov, M. A Bakhromov, ALAUATDIINOVA M. X


The article proves the need to apply mineral fertilizers in the conditions of typical gray soils subject to irrigation erosion, stratified into bean planted as a secondary crop after winter wheat, N50, R80, K60 kg / ha to the mung bean crop in the washed part of the soil and N25, R80, K60 kg / ha to the washed part of the soil were found to have a positive effect on the increase in the number of pods of the repeated mung bean crop.


Irrigation Erosion, Typical Gray Soil, Winter Wheat, Bean, Legumes, Growth, Development, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium.

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