Effect of Cotton Yield of Siderites Used at Different Times in the Short-Quality Cotton-Cropping System

Kenjaev Yu.Ch., Turdibaev D. U.


In the short-turn crop-grain-swapping planting system, as a result of planting care, their flowering, grinding in the fruit-bearing phases and burying in the ground as a siderath, the ground improves soil fertility, improves all its agrophysical, agrochemical properties by sowing gorox, peas, barley and raps into the fields emptied from the haystack and emptied from the haystack in the fall. This led to a better growth of the porous, resulting in an additional yield of the porous to 6,8-8,6 and 5,9-7,9 с/ha compared to the control option.


Goose-Grain, Crop Rotation, Sideration, Siderite Crops, Agrophysicological, Agrochemical, Soil Fertility, Goose, Productivity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v22.2.2121


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