Use of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to Detect Postpartum Depression Risk

Farah Oktamurdiantri, . Hasnida, Juliana I Saragih


The risk of postpartum depression can be experienced by women who get less treatment when experiencing baby blues syndrome. Women who are at risk of experiencing postpartum depression need precautionary measures so that they do not develop into more severe disorders. This can be done by providing a valid postnatal depression detection tool, which is the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). EPDS has been translated into various languages and has had reliability and validity test results in accordance with that language. The purpose of this study is to test the reliability and validity of the Indonesian version of EPDS so that it can be widely used in Indonesia and provide results that can detect the risk of postpartum depression. The test was conducted on 119 women in Batam city using the construct validity and reliability of Cronbach's alpha. Results: The construct validity using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) showed satisfactory results, the whole item has a loading factor of more than 0.5 and the value of goodness of fit model using CFI = 0.963 and NFI = 0.942. Reliability showed very satisfying results, coefficient α = 0.872. These results indicate that the Indonesian version of EPDS has been able to detect and is valid for use as a PPD risk detection tool.


Postpartum Depression, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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