Validity of a Chemistry Laboratory Manual Based on Green Chemistry Principle for High School Students Grade X in the Odd Semester

Lisda Amelia, Syamsi Aini, Muthia Septiayuni


This study aims to determine the validity of the Chemistry laboratory manual for high school students grade X  in an odd semester which is appropriate according to experts. The chemistry laboratory manual developed applies the principle of green chemistry in each of the experiments. The principles of green chemistry that are applied are the first principle (waste prevention), the third principle (chemical synthesis which is less dangerous), the 4th principle (designing safer chemicals), the 5th principle (safer solvents and auxiliaries), and the 12th principle (chemicals which is inherently safer for accident prevention). This research is part of research and development research with a 4-D development model. This research was only carried out to the stage of content validation and construct validation by experts


Chemistry Laboratory Manual, Green Chemistry, Content Validation, Construct Validation.

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