The Correlation between Conflict and Teacher Performance at SMK N Lembah Gumanti

Fitri Rozalina, Prof. Nurjizrah Gistituati, M.Ed, Drs. Syahril M.Pd.


Eeducation plays an important role in the process of improving the quality of knowledge. In the educational process of teacher education factor that is teacher plays an important role in carrying out function in education implementation. In this case the teacher is expected to be willing and able to carry out the duties and responsibilities that have been put forward to the best of it. Performance can be interpreted as the appearance or workings of teachers in carrying out their duties so that the success and purpose of school can be achieved well. Performance of teachers in question is the performance or ability of teachers depicted in how to educate, teach, and guide students based on the responsibility, discipline, and professional teachers in the learning process. Many factors affect the high level of teacher performance in school, such as education level, work experience, equipment or supporting facilities, leadership and motivation of the person's own work. Conflict is one of the factors that allegedly can affect teacher performance in school. Where conflict is a conflict or dispute between two or more that often occurs either in private life or within groups or organizationsConflict is an event that cannot be avoided in the life of the organization, even the conflict is always present in every cooperative relationship between individuals or groups of organizations.If the optimal level of conflict level is very functional (useful) then the performanceof teachers or organizations will be maximized.


conflict, teacher performance

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