A Comparative Study of a Wideband Active Integrated Antenna Design for WLAN Applications

Takoua Soltani, Imen Soltani, Taoufik Aguili


 In this paper, we are presenting a design of an active integrated antenna (AIA) that serves in WLAN applications. An AIA typically consists of an active device and a radiated element. In this context, the active device can be either one port semiconductor and/ or two port semiconductor. In this work, we have chosen the two port semiconductors (transistors) because these devices give a better performance in the case of power and low noise amplifiers. Hence, we are investigating the quality and the performance of the active integrated antenna with various types of transistors in the purpose to select the most adequate device. The AIA with the best type of transistor will be compared with a passive antenna where the reflection coefficient and the bandwidth are the key parameters of this analysis.


Active integrated antenna, WLAN applications, Transistors, Reflection coefficient and Bandwidth.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v15.1.1004


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