Application of Corpus Analysis in Teaching Foreign Languages

Nozimjon Ataboev Bobojon O’g’li


The article deals with the application of corpus analyses in the process of teaching foreign languages in the classroom. At the current time, the usage of corpora and the quantitative results gained from them are being applied in almost all spheres of the linguistic studies as well as teaching methodologies. That’s why the process of teaching foreign languages in EFL classes is taken into consideration as one of the most applicable fields for corpus database. Moreover, the practical tasks have been worked out in order to show the essence of corpus-based teaching methods in learning foreign languages. By all means, it is noteworthy that the EFL teachers always feel a great need for the authentic material for assessing their students’ language skills as well as motivating them by supplying with adequate language data with the help of the corpus analyses.    


Language Corpus, Corpus Analysis, Target Language, Authentic Materials, Language Data, Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation.

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