Effect of Incentives, Leadership Style on Performance of Office Employees of The Ministry of Religion Kerinci District

Hairoman -, Syamsir ., Helmi Hasan


This study aims to reveal the Effect of Incentives, Leadership Style on the Performance of Office Staff of the Ministry of Religion in Kerinci Regency. This study uses quantitative methods. The population of this study was all employees in the Office of the Ministry of Religion of Kerinci Regency. Respondents in this study amounted to 95 people. Data collection techniques in this study used cluster sampling techniques. Data was collected through questionnaires that had been tested for validity and reliability in advance both content and empirical test items in the field. The data analysis technique used is path analysis. The results of this study get the idea of the significance of the influence of incentives and leadership style on the performance of employees of the Kerinci district ministry of religion. This means increasing incentives and leadership styles will improve employee performance.



Incentives and Leadership Style on Employee Performance.

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