Exploitation of Resources Management in Iran

Marzieh Samimi, Amir Samimi


The management of the car the water exposes to some serious crisis and problems such as inadequacy of water, the lack of access to the clean and health water, the quality of controlling the water sources, the disruption in the management of water sources, decreasing the financial source, the lack of Knowledge in the decision makers, and The security of the society being exposes to the danger considering the happened problems and crisis, different methods of managing the water sources such as The management based on the supply of water, the integral management of water sources and effective ways has grown up by passing of time. For the present time, safe guarding the water sources is one of the aims of the regimes of water sources management in agriculture, as one of the biggest consumers of water sources, The management of water sources is performed in two parts of supply and demand and according to the available limitations, special attention is paid to the of consumer's request.


Water, Sources, Management, Agriculture

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52155/ijpsat.v1.1.6


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