The Influence of Brand Image, Electronic Word of Mouth, and Celebrity Endorser on Purchasing Decisions of Eiger Daypack in Bekasi

Sudarmadji Sudarmadji


This study aimed to analyze the effect of brand image, electronic word of mouth (e-wom), and celebrity endorsers on purchasing decisions for the Eiger daypack. The 97 respondents who participated in this study were surveyed by using the purposive sampling method. Data collection Using multiple linear regression analysis techniques, distributed questionnaires and processing were carried out. SPSS version 25 is used as an analytical tool. The results showed that all independent variables (brand image, electronic word of mouth, and celebrity endorser) were partially stated to have a positive relationship, and there was a significant influence with a strong correlation on consumer purchasing decisions for Eiger daypack products in Bekasi.


brand image; e-wom; celebrity endorser; purchase decisions

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