Analyzing The Ecotourism Impact Of The Mangrove Forest On The Welfare Of Kampung Nelayan In Langsa City

Muhammad Fauzan, T Sabrina, Satia Negara Lubis, Arga Lubis


This Research analyzed the impact of mangrove forest ecotourism on the welfare of Kampung Nelayan in Langsa City, Indonesia. Mangrove forests provide ecological and economic benefits, making their preservation crucial. Ecotourism serves as an alternative for utilizing mangrove ecosystems, particularly in the Kuala Langsa Village area. Combining qualitative research and IPA analysis, the study examines the supportive and inhibiting factors in mangrove ecotourism development. Internal factors indicate strengths in sustainable conservation practices and support from the city government and relevant agencies. However, weaknesses such as inadequate tourism facilities and supervision hinder development. Opportunities lie in the availability of new tourist destinations, while threats include inadequate road infrastructure and competition within the tourism sector. Overall, the research highlights the importance of preserving mangrove ecosystems and emphasizes the need for sustainable conservation practices and support from local authorities. Addressing infrastructure challenges can enhance the success of mangrove ecotourism in Langsa City.


Mangrove, Tourism, Langsa, and SWOT Analysis

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