Study Of The Thermal Stability Of Nano-Filament Of Polyamide 6 With Lignin C Obtained By The Electrospinning Method

Mohamed Moussa, Fabien Salaün


This study focuses on the thermal stability of polyamide 6 with lignin, which is a flame retardant. In this study, we used the electrospinning method to produce nano-filament and to analyse the thermal stability of these filaments. The higher the voltage, the more difficult it will be to produce a bead-free spinning. This is done by varying the electric field and observing the presence or absence of "beads" on the non-woven. Figure 2 shows a SEM photo of polyamide 6 nano-filaments for the voltage value 14kV, the photo  obtained corresponds to a spinning under 14 kV. It can also be seen that decreasing the voltage to 9kV has the effect of creating polymer "beads" in the nonwoven structure, Figure 2 SEM photo a. The morphological structures and thermal properties of PA-6 were characterised by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The thermal stability of PA6-LC nano-filaments was carried out by TGA, the TG and DTG curves of PA6 -LC nano-filament are presented in Figure 4. The decomposition of PA6-LC corresponds to an average of 404%, whatever the concentration of lignin C (2% LC up to 7.5% LC and 15%LC) and the maximum degradation rate of PA6-LC is on average 2.02% /°C.


Electrospinning; Nano-Filament; Structure And Morphology; Thermal Properties.

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