Assessment Of Post-Harvest Losses On Soybeans Profitability In Three Sectors Of Nyagatare District Of Rwanda

Vincent Nshimyumuremyi, Vincent Nshimyumuremyi, Jean D'Amour MANIRERE, Eularie MUTAMURIZA


This study used quantitative and qualitative analysis to analyze the effects of post-harvest losses on soybeans productivity and farmers' income. It was conducted in Nyagatare District of Rwanda with a sample size of 120 farmers, 61.7% male and 38.3% female. The study aimed to examine the factor influencing soybeans post-harvest losses and determine the impact of post-harvest losses on farmer’s income generated from soybeans production. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview methods with a sample size of 120 soybeans farmers.

The researcher used a Multiple Linear regression model to identify post-harvest losses in the research region, which were influenced by a number of variables. The model was deemed significant at the 5% threshold of significance for all 11 variables used. 99 (82.5%) of the respondents had experienced postharvest losses in the previous season of 2022A, compared to 21 (17.5%) who had not experienced any.

This study examines scientific approaches such as modern soybean production and harvesting methods, developed transportation and storage facilities, and outreach to minimize losses and maximize profits. Postharvest activities such as processing and marketing are also recommended to maximize profits. Results show that for every 1 ton of soybeans harvested, the farmer lost an average of 6.703Kg/ton, reducing their average income by 4,124Rwf/ton.

Keywords: Postharvest losses, Income, Soybeans, farmers, production, Profitability.


Corresponding Author: NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent,, Phon.: +250788603095


Keywords: Postharvest losses, Income, Soybeans, farmers, production, Profitability.

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