Some Characteristics of the Beyşehir Lake Basin

Nilufer Yazici, M. Gulcelik


The Beyşehir Lake basin (BLB), which is the study area, is the second largest sub-basin within the Konya province closed basin in terms of surface area with an area of 7.308 m2. BLB is a provincial border among Konya, Isparta and Antalya at southern part of Turkey. The location is getting importance of the basin.

Some basin characteristics such as slope, elevation classes, land use, aspect groups, land capability class, erosion status were determined by Geographic Information System (GIS). Results of the study showed that BLB has 32% of flat and 25% of low slope in the basin. They emphasized the basin could be considered as a flat area. The altitude of the BLB ranged from 947 m to 2985 m, while 33.8% of the field had below 1091 m. BLB showed continental climate characteristics. The average of annual total precipitation in the basin was varied between 450 and 500 mm. Eastern and southern aspects were dominant in the basin.

The natural resource potential in the basin was estimated by digital map showed specific conditions according to the specific characteristics and the present conditions. They have been recorded and the necessary measures taken for present to prevent future changes. Therefore, it was important for principles of watershed management.


Basin, characteristics, GIS, slope.

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