How The Health Professionals Seen In Two University Hospitals In Madagascar Cope With Covid-19?

HA Bakohariliva, ENA Raobelle, H Ratobimanakasina


Madagascar, a developing country, is not spared by the covid-19 pandemic. Since the official declaration by the President of the Republic on the existence of the first three confirmed cases on March 19, 2020, great panic for both the general population and health professionals has been noted. In addition, the information disseminated by the media concerning mainly the number of confirmed deaths, amplified the fear of health professionals. The Covid-19 pandemic has alarming implications for individual and collective health and emotional and social functioning


COVID-19 pandemy, psychological support, health professionals, EMDR therapy.

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Marilyn Luber;2020. EMDR Ressources in the era of COVID-19.



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