Development On Automatic Vehicle Speed Control Using Radio Frequency Technology

Obinna Michael Chidiobi, Eneka Okorie, Onyekachi Orah


Reducing the rate of occurrence of road accidents is a big challenge to traffic officials and road users in various parts of the world.  These accidents mainly result from the behavior of the driver in respect to speed control while driving.  Most drivers drive vehicles at high speed even in speed limited areas and under undesirable traffic conditions without considering the safety of the public. While it is not practical to monitor all parts of the road throughout the time, it is not also possible for the traffic police to control the drivers with full effect.  The advancement in wireless sensor technology has made it possible to develop autonomous in-vehicle systems capable of effectively restricting over speeding in various traffic and road conditions. Thus, in this project, a model was proposed and developed for the control of vehicle speed system using fuzzy logic inference system in conjunction with the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The application of the proposed model to various road conditions and speed limits were simulated and observed using Matlab simulink toolbox. The results from the simulation showed an improvement in the vehicle speed control by over 51.4% compared to a conventional PID based vehicle speed control system.


Radio Frequency, Vehicle Speed Control, Transmitter, Receiver.

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